Remove Videos MediaPlay-Air Ads

Are you being bombarded with “Videos MediaPlay-Air” ads? Sorry, you have an adware infection on your machine. That’s the bad news. The good are that you can remove Videos MediaPlay-Air by simply uninstalling it from the Add/Remove programs dialog 😉

Did that fix the ad problem? If not, please let me know and I’ll come up with some other approach to remove Videos MediaPlay-Air.


Remove CinamHDPure V9.5 [Adware.CrossRider]

Gettings ads tagged CinamHDPure V9.5? Sorry to say this, but you have the CrossRider adware on your machine… But don’t cry, you can just remove CinamHDPure from the Programs and Features dialog in the Window Control Panel. Worked for me.

Did that also clean up your machine? Please let me know. If not, I’ll have to come up with some other approach to remove it.

Remove TubeHD-V1.8 Adware

The people behind the CrossRider adware newer sleeps. They have released a new variant called TubeHD. If you’ve been struck with TubeHD, you’ll see ads marked “Ads by TubeHD“, some new processes running in the Windows Task Manager, a bunch of new files in C:\Program Files\TubeHD-V1.8\, digitally signed by Motoko Group, new add-ons in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You can remove TubeHD from the Add and Remove programs dialog in the Windows Control Panel. Worked 100% for me. Please let me know if that worked for you too. If not, I’ll come up with another approach to uninstall it.

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