How To Remove ShopperPro By Goobzo

Why should you remove Shopper Pro by Goobzo? Well, the Shopper-Pro Terms and Conditions states the following:

The Software provides a suite of browser features that enhance your online shopping experience when browsing various websites by rendering relevant information such as price comparison information, relevant coupons, cash-back opportunities and image search etc.

In other words: Adware.

The AVG anti-virus program reports it as MalSign.Skodna.A8D and VIPRE as Goobzo (fs).

You can uninstall ShopperPro from the Add and Remove Programs dialog.


4 thoughts on “How To Remove ShopperPro By Goobzo

  1. Watch out for Youtube Accelerator also by GOOBZO! I didn’t even ask for this to be installed…it self installed via some adware programs that were put onto my machine when I installed a freeware program from Cnet! I now can’t get rid of Tuvaro Search aka searchnet. MAN! Someone needs to SUE their asses for willful invasion of privacy, destruction of personal property, cyber hacking, and MANY other cyber crimes!

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