GOOBZO YouTube Accelerator – Removal instructions

GOOBZO YouTube Accelerator is bundled with free downloads, such as uTorrent. It will install in “C:\Program Files\YouTube Accelerator\”, and uses files such as ytalsp.dll, engine.dll, xmldb.dll, ipc.dll and helper.dll. The VIPRE anti-virus detects it as “Goobzo (fs)” 

So what’s the problem? Well, GOOBZO may show ads on your computer according to the EULA:

The use of the Software may cause additional ads to appear when browsing certain websites. These may include, price comparison ads, coupons, pop-unders/ups, banner, inline text or transitional ads, etc…

If you want to uninstall GOOBZO YouTube Accelerator you can remove it from the Windows Control Panel.

How did you get GOOBZO on your system? Were you aware that it could show ads on your computer?


30 thoughts on “GOOBZO YouTube Accelerator – Removal instructions

  1. Hi Dennis. I’ve tried through the usual Windows Control Panel, but when I hit Uninstall, I get a dialogue box saying, “install.log is missing.Please reinstall YouTube Accelrator and then uninstall it again”, followed by a link back to reinstalling the program. Any thoughts? Thanks, John

  2. Hello Dennis,
    I had exactly the same problem. All you need to do is go to the program folder (C:\Program Files\YouTube Accelerator) Cut the INSTALL.LOG and paste on your desktop.
    Now run the Unwise inside the program folder and it is asking for the INSTALL.LOG. Now just point to the INSTALL.LOG on your desktop and the program Uninstall program starts.

  3. Hi Dennis.
    Tried what you said but when I pressed “Uninstall/Change” after right-clicking “YouTube Accelerator” in Control Panel, nothing happened??

      • Unable… :-/
        When I try to do it, some dialogue windows open saying that several files are already opened in another application.
        But I cannot find how to close them

      • You are probably getting that error message because the Goobzo software is still running. Deleting the files will probably work if you shut down Goobzo.

        Open up the Windows Task Manager and look for processes that can be part of Goobzo. Kill the process if it is part of Goobzo. After doing that, it should probably work to delete the Goobzo folder.

        If that still does not work, please let me know and I’ll suggest some tool that can help you with the removal.

      • It seems I succeded!
        It just happened removing the files right after switching the pc on. May be Goobzo wasn’t running yet and I could remove the files.
        Anyway, Chrome is still opening ad-windows now and then, while Firefox isn’t… I’m checking on it

      • SIL VOUS PLAIT j’ai vraiment besoin d’aide avec ce truc j’arrive pas à le supprimer YouTube Accelerator !!!!!!!!!! aider moi !!!!!!!!!

  4. come faccio a cancellare goobzo??? anche a me mi dice che è non sono pratico di pc mi sapreste dire passo dopo passo come fare? grazie!

  5. anche a me mi da questo problema, mi dice che è aperto ma non sono molto pratico! mi potreste dire gentilmente passo dopo passo come devo fare!? grazie!

    • Dears, let me answer in Italian to Gigi.
      Gigi, sono riuscito a cancellarlo dopo aver spento e riacceso il pc.
      Poi, però, l’ho ritrovato altrove e cancellato di nuovo.
      Chris Wagner, qui sotto, afferma che l’ha cancellato molte volte e ricompare sempre… Per ora non c’è una soluzione definitiva, vediamo se qualcuno la scopre

  6. I tried deleting the Youtube Accelerator using IObituninataller. It said I need to close the browser before removing the YT accelerator but after deleting it. It causes all causes my browsers not to work. It keeps saying Error Code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED

  7. Denis I have tried unistall but every time that I try this mensage comes to me “All Chrome browser windows should be closed in order to complete the inistall process.Please close all Chrome browser windows.” and all the windows are closed, can you help me ?

    • Chrome must still be running in the background. You can check if there’s a chrome.exe process running in the Task Manager. If so, kill the chrome process and run the uninstaller again.

      Did that help the uninstaller to proceed?

  8. please help!!
    I’ve tried everything i know to delete this kind of virus and everytime i did it! it automatically re-install!! how can i really delete it!!

  9. Hello I’ve tried everything to remove youtube accelerator it wont uninstall i cant get on the internet nothing please help

  10. this the solution (works 100%) just turn off your pc and then turn it on and just after clicking the turn on button, click on F8 button multiple times untile you see a black screen with some choices and select “safe mode” and then you can delet it normaly from “C:\Program Files\YouTube Accelerator” (sorry for my bad english)

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