What is safetynut.exe and safetynutmanager.exe? – Removal instructions

If you have SafetyNut on your computer you will see processes such as safetynut.exe and  safetynutmanager.exe running in the Task Manager. SafetyNut is installed with a program called “Movies Toolbar”.

A few of the anti-virus programs are detecting SafetyNut. Here is the scan result from VirusTotal for one of the files:

  • Kingsoft Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud)
  • Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.SafetyNut.A
  • ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win32/Toolbar.SearchSuite.D

Are you looking for removal instructions for SafetyNut? Easy, just uninstall the Movies Toolbar and SafetyNut will be removed as well.

Did that completely remove SafetyNut? Please let me know. If not, I’ll provide an alternative uninstall method.


10 thoughts on “What is safetynut.exe and safetynutmanager.exe? – Removal instructions

  1. I found the safetynut.exe uninstall and uninstalled it but it left behind its folder tree and DLL’s.
    They wouldn’t delete because they are apparently still in use but I haven’t tried a reboot yet or safe mode. I’m using windows XP.

  2. Movies toolbar is somehow not available in the add/remove programs for un-installation. I found the uninstaller at below location on my machine.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Movies Toolbar\SafetyNut

    double click the uninstall program inside the above folder and safetynut will be uninstalled from your machine.

  3. have been using Bit.Torrent build 7.8 and Windows home Premium for some time . No probs. Downloaded Bit.Torrent build 7.9 today, AVG identified safetynut. removed it, now i am stll at Bit.Torrent build 7.8. Repeated steps same result. I’m cool with this – i just want to stop getting update remincders from Bit.Torrent. Any advice? TIA.

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