I’m Dennis and I’m starting my file blog today.

Hello there. I’m Dennis. A few years ago I started to get interested in what software actually was running on the computers in my household. Before that, I didn’t really bother. We used the computer for browsing, YouTube videos and paying the bills with the Internet-bank.

What caught my interest was that one of my computers started to run very slow. A reboot took forever, and once it had started up it was painfully slow. That’s how I started to learn more about what was running on the computer, what processes was actually needed for a functional system, and what malware could do to your computer. After some investigation I managed to get my computer up to speed again. I uninstalled some software that came pre-installed on the computer when I got it from the store, disabled some software that didn’t really need to run all the time. I also found an uninstalled some adware that had sneaked onto my machine.

These days friends and colleagues often ask me to help them optimize their computer or remove some malware, which has kept me relatively up to date on what’s going out there in the Windows world. But now I want to take it one step further and start blogging about my findings.

So, I’ve installed Windows XP and Windows 7 in VirtualBox which will allow me to test some malware without risking anything. I’ll try to post something a little now and then, like some details about some process that are commonly running or uninstall instructions for some malware or other types of unwanted software.

In case you want to email me:

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